isy_jpeg-0023-nggid03633-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy_jpeg-9890-nggid03634-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy-0002-nggid03625-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy-0082-nggid03626-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy-0099-nggid03627-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy-9865-nggid03629-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy-9933-nggid03630-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy-9957-nggid03631-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010 isy-9992-nggid03632-ngg0dyn-850x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010I’m not the guy who can be found on a dancefloor at the weekends. Don’t missunderstand me. I really enjoy to hang out in clubs and bars but i don’t enjoy to drink myself to a delirium and i don’t really enjoy the dancing people. Some might say, it’s a boring way to party but it’s not. The fun reaches another level this way and i really enjoy this level more than the situation where i can’t remember anything the next day. It doesn’t mean i’m not one of the party-people, it simply means i’m partying an other way.

Why am i talking about this? My model here is very similar to me in some of these points. And anyway i choose to shot photos with flying confetti. Do i want to create a contrast? Not really. Even if you’re “off the dance floor”, your a part of the party, sometimes a little bit outside, sometimes other people are looking at you but that’s a nice kind of melancholy.

Originally, i planned to shoot with Isy later this year, when it’s warmer outside. When we talked about a shooting, she said “i’m open to all ideas”. Last friday i’ve been in photo-mood and i remembered this idea with the confetti, that stuck in my head since many months. So i thought “let’s see, if she’s serious” and she really was immediately willing to get a lot of confetti thrown on her on a friday evening (or better a friday night). The outcome is a series with just the right ammount of melancholy, created by the life off the dance floor. Thank you Isy, i’m looking forward for more photos!

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