Do i have to say that this has been a big mess? ;)

I saw the idea of the powdershooting in a german TV show called “Germany’s Next Topmodel” for the first time. Anastasia and i decided that we would like to try this ourselfs. We colored the powder with pigment-color, first pink and later brown. A very unusual an new thing for me is the fact, that i used a lot of flashligt here. Three flashes all in all, one of them through a colored sheet.

I really have to say a big “Thank you” to Anastasia. All of the assistens and i where wearing many clothes, a painter-overall and a breathing mask. Anastasia was standing in this cold room and powder-fog all day long without any word of complaint. That’s what i call professional ;)

Daniel Böswald has been one of my assistants here and created a little behind-the-scenes video with his 7D: