This city is still sleeping – Chapter 1

I haven’t slept in one of the last nights because i wanted to shoot some city photos at sunrise. I had to decide whether i should stand up at 5 am or i should stay awake. Well… i can’t stand up very early so i decided to stay awake ;). At 5 am i took my bycicle and drove to our old city center to shoot the empty streets and make use of the soft morning light. At about 5:45 am i had enough light and started the shooting.

I shot digital and film. I think the film shots are better this time because thei have much more charackter and a nice mood. I also added a few digital shots at the end of the photos. I shot so many photos that i decided to make two blog posts out of it. The second chapter will follow in a few days!

The film shots are processed very slightly. I sharpened them and in some cases i added a warming filter.

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  1. Mir gefällt dein Stil einfach! Versüßt mir den Morgenkaffee. Klasse!

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