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What the… another people-series? AGAIN? Yes… as i threatened, there will be more people-shots on my blog because it’s one the photographic things, in which i’m interested a lot.

This time i visited one of the “abandonded places” in my hometown, Ingolstadt together with Nette. There is an old, unused foundry around, which is visited by photographers a lot, especially for bandshootings. This foundry is nearly the only abandoned place in Ingolstadt, which is well known by many people. By accident i found an other old and decayed buliding which is very complex and extended over four very big floors. The light situations where very tricky sometimes so i used a flash through an umbrella to ligthen the whole scene up sometimes.

A gib “thanks” to the unbelievable photogenic Nette. She was very natural in front of my camera and helped me to realise all my ideas, no matter how curious they’ve been. 🙂

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  1. Das 5. am Fenster mit dem Gegenlicht ist gut. Das 11. auch. 🙂

    Beim letzten gefällt mir die Bearbeitung nicht so, sonst schon.

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