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7/52 People – Anna

Anna is no new face on the blog. I recently shot the “By the water” series with her. As i already told you back then, she is a Make-Up and Hair-Artist with a great talent as a model too. It’s always really satisfying to shoot her portraits. Not only because the results are always stunning but also because she seems to honestly like my portraits of her.

I’m pretty impressed of her eyes, when i zoomed in to the full-resolution photo, i saw many things going on in there. An other model saw this photo and she said “It’s like looking on the earth from space”. Definitely a perfect description.

This time i did two pretty straight portaits because she did some nice job with the hair in the second one. I mean, this is nearly princess Leia’s hair, so i simply HAVE to like it :). First we only shot portraits with these “Leia”-Hair, than i told her to open it up and we’ll just see what happens. I loved, how the curls where falling over her shoulders!

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    August 29, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    Wirklich toll gemacht ūüėČ Erinnert mich vom Licht und von der Bearbeitung etwas an die “2 Minuten” von Paul Ripke

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