Streetviews of Berlin

A few weeks ago i visited Berlin for three days togehter with Alex, a good friend of mine. Our main intention to drive these 500km was to see “The Jezabels” live. A goregous band from Australia. If you don’t know them yet, you should really take a look at them! Here is a first impression:

The rest of the time i didnt lay my camera away and shot many photos. In this photo-series you can see the outcome of these three days. I used only the Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens of which i wrote a review a few weeks ago. It’s the perfect focal length for street- and city-photography.

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  1. Super Fotos, vor allem das mit der Vespa gefällt mir 🙂

    Wird’s ein Tutorial zur Bearbeitung geben/gibt’s schon eins?

    1. Das mit der vespa war siebe’s whipped caramel. Der rest ist hauptsächlich mit exposure 3 bearbeitet!

  2. Hi,

    the music is just great, listening to it again and again so I have to say thank you! The photos are great shots with a really nice bokeh and nice colors.

  3. Hey! Nice photos! I love the effects and treatment that you applied to the photos. Particularly on the number 4, could you tell me what effect you are using?

    See U !

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