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  • 52 People People Photos

    20/52 People – Elena

    Maybe you recognized, that i already shot a series with Elena before. As it worked that well, I wanted to shoot her for this series too. For the second photo, we…

  • 52 People People Photos

    19/52 People – Katja

    An other tip from Nette this time, this is Katja, an old school-colleague of Nette. I have some more tips in the back-hand, should be enough for the next few weeks…

  • 52 People People Photos

    18/52 People – Anastasia

    I guess you already know Anastasia, i photographed her over and over again and for sure she’s part of this series that i’m continuing today. We also made a little behind-the-scenes…

  • 52 People People Photos

    17/52 People – Alexander

    Though i don’t see him very often the last months, Alex is still one of my most important friends. Moreover he is the best drummer, i’ve ever created music with, which…

  • 52 People Photos

    16/52 People – Jakob

    I met Jakob on a german model-website and knew from the first moment on, that i want him to be a part of this series. When i met him for the…

  • 52 People Photos

    15/52 People – Daniel

    Thanks to Nette, who is bringing me many great models these days. She also suggested Daniel for this series. I’ve never seen him before and not even a picture of him…

  • 52 People Photos

    14/52 People – Anita

    A short time ago i received a facebook message from Anita, asking me about a possible shooting so after a little chatting i realized, that she already had some pretty concrete…

  • 52 People Photos

    13/52 People – Kristin

    Kristin had a shooting with Anastasia some time ago and that’s where i saw her for the first time and thought to myself that she is a great model. Lucky as…

  • 52 People Photos

    12/52 People – Antonia

    Thanks to Nette i found Antonia. Nette was searching for some Models for me and Antonia was one of them. She really did a nice job as a model. She never…

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